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11th Jan 2015Robert Mill
Lion The sleeping lion wakes up and roars, and prepares to go hunting. It's time to roar the good news and labour for the harvest.

20th March 2011David Seel
  1. Keys. God is saying He will unlock a situation. He will reveal the treasure. (George had seen a picture of a large treasure chest, which seemed to symbolise a corporate gift rather than individual blessing.)
  2. Large Boat. Changing course to reach destination. Get on the right path.


31st October 2010Alan Seel
I believe that God is saying He is pleased with you - although there are not many who gather here, those who do have been Faithful, that is faithful to me and to each other and to the upholding of my word in this place, that does not go unnoticed and your consistency will be rewarded.
You have been and continue to be a generous people and many have been blessed by your giving -this is pleasing in my sight.
You have helped people in many ways and especially those who have been given the opportunity to express their gifting by coming here to speak among you. Keep going forward, honouring my name and being obedient to what I am saying to you. Keep your ears open and follow the direction of the Lord.


17th March 1996Steve & Natalie Lafferty
Raising the Spiritual temperature in Glenrothes. Our friends and relatives will come to us and want to know our God. Abraham was a man of intercession he knew his God but he didn't know where he was going. We must know our God and fear him in order to grow. Heb 11v 24. God wants us to have a greater vision of him. As well as living in our Fathers house we need to know his heart. We need to sit at Jesus' feet. We need to know what our ministry is in order to fulfill our calling.


7th February 1988(Unknown)
Pray a lot for all unsaved people in our local area. Plead for God's mercy upon them; give thanks for all He is going to do for them. God longs for all to be saved and to understand this truth. God is on one side of a great chasm and all the people on the other side. Jesus, himself man, is the bridge across the chasm to bring them together by giving his life for all mankind. This is the message which at the proper time God gave to the World. And we the Christian people have been chosen - this is the absolute truth, as God's ministers and missionaries, to teach this truth to our local community, and to show them God's plan of Salvation.

2nd February 1988(Unknown)
I will come in power when you are ready to receive me. I barge in on no-one. I will lead and direct you when you take time to listen. The ‘Church’ is mine, not yours. Leave your plans and listen to me. Spend time with me. I will not abandon you. I will bless the things you do in my name. I will bless you.


31st January 1988(Unknown)
People will come from North, South, East and West to the bridge strengthened by my cross. They will come together chosen as a beautiful bouquet of flowers, fresh and sweet-smelling; Flowers hand-picked from a variety of places and placed together as one. The fragrance and beauty of these will reach out and others shall come into this oneness.
There is a danger though and I warn you that one or two flowers are wilting because they are not receiving from the streams of life giving waters. Reach out and receive the water that gives life and be refreshed in me, that your fragrance will be sweet and your bloom fresh! I am the Lord that healeth. If you are bruised come to me and be healed. If you are feeling unloved come to me and I will show that I have already loved you.

26th January 1988(Unknown)
Build me a bridge and make it of many parts. Make it strong so that it will withstand the weight of my justice. Make it of indestructible substance so that it will not melt under the heat of my love. Remember that I am the architect and I have the master plan. Consult with me frequently so that the design and direction of the bridge are mine and not yours.
When the bridge is nearing completion do not run across babbling. Wait for me and I will lead you across. My Holy Spirit will draw you to the people on the other side of the bridge and I will put the words in your mouth. Do not fear. Listen and obey and you will pick the fruit and gather it in for me. Once this bridge is completed and crossed, together we will build the next one. It will be bigger and stronger and by that time you will be too. Bear with me. The task may seem daunting, but I am with you and I will renew you.



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