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The weapons of my warfare are mighty.
With them I will pull down strongholds.

See 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

Scottish Charity SC 016670

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Notice - Sunday Meetings @ Y suspended until further notice

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Who are we?

The King's Covenant Fellowship is a modern, non-denominational Christian church which

  • meets as a house group on Thursdays for
    • praise (lively!)
    • prayer (earnest)
    • Bible study (stimulating)
  • gathers for public worship meetings
  • began at Pentecost in June 1987 and currently has 11 members including
    • 4 in full-time work
    • 3 not in full-time employment
    • 4 pensioners
  • is a registered Scottish charity SC 016670
  • has gifted over £118,955 to charities and Christian ministries
    • Average Annual giving £4,300
    • Most given in one year £7,393
  • has links with over 20 other Churches
  • active member of Glenrothes Area Churches Together
  • supporter of grow logo
  • fb KCF
Leader : George Carratt  Trustees : George Carratt, Wilma Hanlon, Sylvia Young.

What do we believe?
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Annual Report & Accounts
YearAnnual ReportAnnual AccountsExaminer ReportSummary
2019 pdf img  PDF (83K) pdf img  PDF (174K) pdf img  PDF (45K)graph
2018 pdf img  PDF (103K) pdf img  PDF (269K) pdf img  PDF (41K)
2017 pdf img  PDF (100K) pdf img  PDF (275K) pdf img  PDF (42K)
2016 pdf img  PDF (79K) pdf img  PDF (168K) pdf img  PDF (484K)
2015 pdf img  PDF (76K) pdf img  PDF (170K) pdf img  PDF (61K)
2014 pdf img  PDF (75K) pdf img  PDF (168K) pdf img  PDF (60K)
NB. All our funds are currently allocated and we are unable to accept any new applications.

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KCF Program

Guest Speakers

Click here for summary notes 2020Churches Together Diary section

Speaker's Diary
Apr 2020            © = communion ℗ = Palm Sunday € = Easter
Sun 5th © ℗10:30TBA Cancelled Paul Younger, Leslie Baptist
Sun 12th © €10:30TBA Cancelled Harry Sprange, Inverkeithing
Sun 19th10:30TBA Cancelled Iain & Heather Sutherland, King's Fellowship
Sun 26th10:30TBA Cancelled Hugh Henderson MBE, Mission International, Dundee
May 2020            © = communion   ⓟ Pentecost
Sun 3rd ©10:30TBACancelled
Sun 10th10:30TBA Fraser Watson
Sun 17th10:30TBA Eddie Henderson, Dunfermline
Sun 24th10:30TBA Andrea Mill, Bristo Baptist
Sun 31st ⓟ10:30TBA Richard Hobson, St Peter's, Dundee
Jun 2020            © = communion
Sun 7th10:30TBA Diane & Andy West, Bridgehead Healing
Sun 14th10:30TBA available
Sun 21st10:30TBA Harry Sprange, Inverkeithing
Sun 28th10:30TBA Alan Milnes, Leslie Baptist

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Where are we
How to get to KCF from ...Download files fife logo
The North via Tay Road Bridge pdf logo  PDF (121K)   ms logo  WORD (87K)  
The South via Forth Road Bridge pdf logo  PDF (122K)   ms logo  WORD (85K)  
The West via Kincardine Bridge
The West alt Kincardine Bridge
pdf logo  PDF (144K)   ms logo  WORD (110K)  
pdf logo  (39K)    ms logo  (40K)  kcf logo
Please note changes to parking. Car park to West (left of building) is closed. Parking Map

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What's on Forthcoming atttractions -

Various dates Ian White IW img Ian White Worship & Concert Events. See 'diary' on LMM website
July 2019

Camping available.

Refuel 19

Gordon Castle

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Charities we have supported
KCF is registered with OSCR No SC 016670.
Since August 1991 we have given over £118,955 to the following missions and charities.
Social Charities
Childline Scotland  2,316CHAS  100
Samaritans  100Care International  250
Chrisitian Charities
Barnanbas Fund *  4,270 Covenant Players     250
Bible Society Scotland *  2,306 Crossline *     200
Care * (Christian Action Research & Ed.)  1,600 Ethiopia Aid     300
Care for the Family *  1,710 Evangellical Alliance *     685
Christ Evangelical Ministry  3,175 Christian Solidarity Worldwide *     500
Gilven House *  1,035Kingdom Kids Scotland  1,250
GROW13,025 Nan's Romanian Appeal     500
Jennifer Clark (SIM)  6,343 RBC Ministries *     850
Living Stones Pakistan10,860 Signpost International *  1,200
Mercy Ships *  3,750 Tear Fund (Scotland) *  1,360
Mission Aviation Fellowship *  3,260 World Vision UK *  2,691
Mission International *  9,250 Y Care International *     950
Mission Without Borders *  5,635
Operation Mobilisation *  1,900
Pray For Scotland     890
Shena McCall (Zambia)11,615 Misc. 12,728
Siloam Chrisitian Ministries *  3,120 Various 20,000
* see website for more info on the charity

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Our recommendations for the best Conference/Resources/Music...

Refuel 20

Gordon, Castle   Sun 19th - Sat 25th July 2020
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The Gate, Dundee
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Little Misty Music
Other recommendations...
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Healthcare Christian Fellowship
0131 667 4494

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