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3/1-27/6, 12/9 These are the sermons/messages given by the preachers, teachers and speakers to KCF.
4/7-5/9, 19/9 - 10/10 These are my notes & thoughts from the messages spoken to KCF.

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Speaker Index
Andrea Mill28/2, 30/5, 29/8
Diane & Andy West7/2
Harry Sprange17/1, 21/3, 25/4, 20/6, 19/9
Hugh Henderson21/2, ℗ 23/5
Iain Sutherland3/1, 7/3, 18/4, 13/6, 18/7, 5/9, 10/10
Jeff Miller31/1, 28/3, 2/5, 27/6, 1/8, 26/9
Michael Palmer14/2, 4/4, 6/6, 11/7
Paul Younger24/1, 11/4, 9/5, 4/7, 8/8, 3/10
Richard Hobson14/3, 16/5, 25/7, 12/9
Theme Index
Behaving as Church18/7
Being a Good Witness (Stephen)14/3
Believing Thomas11/4
Cave, Table, Road18/4
Come Into The Wilderness11/7
Confession, Contrition, Cleansing.24/1
Dealing with Mistakes12/9
Established in Faith16/5
God Is With Us17/1
God's Plans25/7
Gotta Serve Somebody4/7
Humility the Key28/3
Jesus' Love2/5
Jesus' Resurrection and Ascension in the Atonement4/4
Knowing God26/9
Life & Death8/8
Life by the Spirit30/5
Light of the World27/6
Little & Large9/5
Living Stones20/6
'One Anothering'6/6
Surrender our Will28/2
Saviour & Lord10/10
The Baptism of Jesus23/5
The Gate & The Shepherd7/3
The Lord's Prayer14/2
The Man For Others21/3
The News21/2
The Temple of Today29/8
Tithes & Offerings19/9
Tourists & Pilgrims3/1
Truth & Glory7/2
Truth & Grace5/9
Water to Wine31/1
Victory Over Death25/4

10/10 Iain Sutherland Phil 2:1-11   Saviour & Lord

  Preparation for an imminent 5-day retreat helped with preparation for this morning. Philippians is full of 'fridge-magnet quotes'. The 'golden-nugget' is in vv 9-11. This is about the sovereignty of God. Is Jesus really Lord? Do we model ourselves on Him? Not just as saviour, but in full submission to Him. We are to yield to Him in everything, even the bits we want to hang on to. Philippians was first church in Europe and the first church started by Paul. Philippi was previously only famous for its battles (168-42 BC). Paul was in prison when he wrote to encourage them. He urged them to develop a good attitude and to be single minded. The secular world tries to create unity from the lowest common denominator (which hasn't succeeded). Paul's teaches them to focus on Christ and they will flow together. Jesus was single minded. His heart was focused on the Kingdom. Verses 6-11 are possibly a poem of surrender (written by Pual?) an early church hymn. Verse 7 relates to a Gk term 'kenosis', meaning that when Jesus came to earth, He rescinded all divine powers. Yet, when He was filled with Holy Spirit, He could do Kingdom work. This is how we are to operate! He surrendered himself to the path, the task, the cross. He willingly submitted and surrendered. He chose the way of the servant; He showed humility (borrowed a donkey, relied on others). Ps 22 describes crucifixion before it was invented. Ps 23 is how God shepherd's us. Ps 24 God is King of glory and Lord Almighty. Jesus brings reconciliation between us and the Father. He satisfied the outstanding debt. V9, He is exalted to highest place - that's where Jesus is now. Paul wrote to Timothy, telling him to remember Jesus crucified. He is saviour AND LORD. We should bow and confess Jesus: chose His way and submit to Him. Google maps has a feature that will recentre the map if you have scrolled or 'wandered' away. Go back to where you started. Return to the Lord, Saviour and King. Choose, because you want to, not because you have to. Obey your master, show respect. This will mean that we sacrifice some of the things we want to do. Exalt Him. We serve a risen saviour. How do we bow the knee this week? Jesus is not just our saviour when we come to know Him. He is our saviour today. What is it He is saving us from today? Call out to Him. Let Him come and minister.
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3/10 Paul Younger Jn 5:1-15   Jesus Heals

  A passage Paul hasn't preached on in over 26 yrs. The man at Bethesda. His testimony was: it was Jesus who made him well.
The Mona Lisa is probably the best known painting in the world. What was she smiling about? Why has she has no eyebrows? When analysing a great work in fine detail we can lose the big picture. What is the obvious story right there in front of us? A man, invalid for 38 years, is miraculously healed. The man, a person, called Joe? Who is he? How did he get there? What was the problem? We don't know. He has been looking for a solution for a long time. He has probably tried everything. He sounds weary. He may not have a home. So close to healing, but never making it. Caught between hope and hopelessness. He doesn't know who Jesus is. Joe's song, (to the tune "My God is so big"), My God is so small, so weak and so puny... His faith is diminished. Encounters with Jesus are life changing. Jesus came to seek and save the lost. He also heals. That is why He came. We don't know how many others were healed. Jesus is caring and compassionate. Jesus never had compassion fatigue: he had the power to heal, He didn't need the pool. He spoke directly, "Get up". Jesus was able to do more than Joe asked, on the Sabbath. All Jesus saw was a man in need. The pool wasn't stirred, what was the reaction from the others? The Jews were indignant because the Sabbath rules were broken. They should have recognised Jesus as their Messiah. Joe was obedient, he rediscovered that God is big, strong and mighty. He went around proclaiming the good news. We should stop and think when Jesus does something for us, who can we tell?


26/9 Jeff Miller Jn 17:3   Knowing God

  Jn 17:3 "Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God." With God, it's all about relationship. Jesus took this very seriously. He says He didn't know those who prophesied, drove out demons and healed in His name. He wants relationship. He says to the church in Ephesus (Rev 2:1-4), I know your hard work and perseverence, but you have forsaken your first love. We are to love God, but He doesn't leave it to us. He fills our hearts with His love; when we cry out to Him, He puts the cry in our hearts. He just loves us. How does he see us? He sees us in Christ, the beloved. When a Jew brings a sacrifice for sin, the priest examines the animal, not the person. We have the gift of righteousness. Before his sacrifice, Jesus was in Jerusalem for 4 days - the time for examining the animals. In Rom 4 Paul shows that no one earns God favour. Abraham was uncircumcised when He received God's righteousness. We can try to be better, but that doesn't work. If you re considering temptation, remember - Don't abuse your relationship! God doesn't remember our sins. Mike Bickle advises, "Press delete and move on". Regular communion can be helpful, take time thank God for what He's done. Jesus chose to have His hands and feet restricted so his blood can enable our hands and feet to serve Him. The key thing for the disciples on the road to Emmaus, Lk 24:13-32 was when Jesus ate and fellowshipped with them. Isa 53:3-5, Jesus was pierced for our transgressions... by his stripes we are healed, Jesus went to great lengths to win us. Daily declare freedom from shame. The word of truth is a seed. In the account of Mary and Martha, Lk 10:38-42, Jesus commended Mary. Later (Jn 11:32), Mary was very disappointed that Jesus stayed 3 days before coming to Lazarus. Run to Jesus when in trouble, not away from Him. Jesus says come to me. Take your problem to Him, receive His rest. Jesus calls those who are thirsty to come and drink. We carry the presence of God wherever we go. Unbelievers are made in God's image. Be brave, we hear God's voice and should speak it out.

19/9 Harry Sprange Deut 14:22-29 NLT   Tithes and Offerings

Money is rarely talked about in Churches except in times of need for buildings or repairs. It was exciting to discover the principle of tithing. The Levites were set aside to minister to the Lord. We should set aside more time just to minister to God. The other 11 tribes supported them and any excess tithe went to the poor. All the tribes suffered or prospered together. Today, 10 wage earners in a church should be able to support a full time worker. Deut 14:22-26 NLT. There was to be an annual celebration of rejoicing for everyone which was to include all the Levites (it's OK to use tithe for a feast). The Levites were not totally dependant on tithes (they had some cities and pastures for their flocks). Deut 14:28-29 give it to Levites, refugees, orphans. All the tithe was spent on people, not on buildings or administration. Tithing shows God's concern for the poor. Gifts were expected on top of tithing. Going up to worship (in Jerusalem) was only 3 times a year; this was not a weekly event. Compulsory tithe and voluntary freewill offerings were expected of God's people.
  The Tabernacle (portable temple) was built out of giving not tithing. 1 Chron 29:4 David donated more than 112 tons of gold and 262 tons of silver. The leaders gave 188 tons of gold... They modelled extravagant giving to the Lord. Joash, 2 Chron 24:8-10 set out to repair the temple from voluntary offerings. An annual redemption tax first collected by Moses Ex 30:11-16.
What is relevant for today? All Scripture is inspired, but only the NT is authoritative. The principle of tithing was started before the law was given. Abraham and Jacob tithed, Gen 28:22. Mt 23:23 is the only mention of tithe in NT. Our righteousness is to exceed tithing. Lk 6:30, Jesus tells the people to give to anyone who ask. Lk 6:38 - God honours faithful giving. God loves cheerful givers 2 Cor 9:6,7. Eph 4:28 give generously from honest labour. 1 Tim 6:18, do good with your wealth. In NT times there were only very rich or very poor people. 1 Cor 16:2 give regular weekly offerings for the poor believers. The only NT situation that required fund raising was to support the poor in Jerusalem. Phil 1:5 this was the only church that funded Paul's missionary work. Full-time Kingdom workers need support. We should ask, "Who is worth investing in?" Those who would be doing it anyway and not waiting for the funding to be provided. Regularly review how much are we investing in overseas ministries? How much goes to the poor? Gal 6:10. We are obliged to take every opportunity to look after the poor. Malachi 3:8-10, there is much blessing for those who give much.

12/9 Richard Hobson Rom 5:1-11   Dealing With Mistakes

  God has a solution for all the times we mess up or fall short. Once again, Richard shows how a word from the Bible that we sometimes dread (confession), is actually the way to incredible blessing and freedom.
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5/9 Iain Sutherland Jn 1:1-5,14, 2 Jn:1-13.   Truth & Grace

  A new commandment (a strange think to say to the Jews - they already had all 10 commandments), love one another. Walk in obedience, walk in love (i.e. grace in action). Love on its own leads to confusion, we need truth and grace. The disciple John, the son of thunder has become the disciple Jesus loved.
On an unfamiliar walk at Dundas Estate, we discovered that we need the signs and a map. There will be detours and distractions. God has given us The Word, which is living and breathing. Jesus and Satan both quoted Scripture. Jesus uses the Word in a way that cares, Satan uses it to accuse. The distinction with Christians is they care: in the time of the Romans when unwanted babies were abandoned in the street (they took them in) and during the plague they visited and nursed people who were ill. God gives the prophetic, His Word continues to speak. We also need the witness of the Spirit. When walking, be aware, look to see where you can minister. In the Paralympics, some of the athletes run blind. We should follow the ways of Christ and the disciples around us. These help us to walk in obedience. We love because He first loved us. We can talk on phone or online, but meeting face to face is powerful. We love with Agape, sacrificial love. How do we overflow in love? Jerome relates the last words of the disciple John, "little children love one another". John is also observed playing with partridge, and when rebuked, "replied the bow that is always taut will cease to shoot straight".


29/8 Andrea Mill Jn 2:13-25   The Temple of Today

  As we gather, we tune in to the frequency of heaven. Jesus came to the Temple at Passover as a custom. The blue print for the first Temple (tabernacle) was given to Moses. It was fashioned by anointed men with special skills. The portable temple was announced. David instigated the building of a more permanent Temple. God meets with people there: people came to sacrifice. Their thanksgiving and worship were a bit different from how we worship today. Only the priests could do certain things. Jesus enters into the Temple as He is about to become the Lamb. Clearing the courts was a strong action. He was challenging religion. To Him, people are more important than rules and structures. Jesus brings a new way. Jesus is referring to himself as the way. His Church is a body. The disciples are part of this body.
Our bodies are members of Christ, 1 Cor 6:15-18, we should run from sexual immorality. We are temples of Holy Spirit. We are bought with a price. Honour God. Holy Spirit lives in your sanctuary, 1 Cor 6:19 (MSG). The inner sanctuary, the Holy of Holies is a place of intimacy. We are the whole person, so we are to worship God with everything. Our temple joins with other temples when we come together. Mt 18:20 where 2 or 3 gather, Jesus is present. Think of yourself as an embodied spirit. Heaven and earth meet. We are going to be with Jesus, but Heaven is coming here. Politics and power have destroyed earthly life. Our relationship with God is to be forefront in our lives. We are becoming holy temples. All parts of the body, 1 Cor12:12-25, are put together by God, ther is no place for discord. Prophets, teachers, etc strive together for the greater gifts. 1 Cor 13:1-3, the body has to be full of love. Our temples are different. We complement and enhance each other. An orchestra is more than just the individual instruments. Jesus is the conductor keep your eyes on him. Recognise each others' gifts.
We are the temple of today. We need spiritual food more than physical food. To become fully human, we need to interact and care for one another. We can know and see another dimension than what we see on the earth. We are called to be like children. Are we enjoying life enough so that other people want what we have? Holy Spirit draws us in. We are all image bearers. It starts with a love for God. Let him love you wherever you are; even in the pain. Ask God for today. Be loving to other people, Gal 5:6. We are never alone. We need relationships with God and people. Gal 5:22, patience is how we wait. Walk by Holy Spirit. The Temple of today is not a place to go to, it goes with us, we can invite others in. Where would we be without Jesus? We have the opportunity to live differently. God gives you strength as you walk with Him.

22/8 Michael Palmer Bk Ch:V   Theme

  Technology gremlins ate the notes

15/8 Harry Sprange Ex 3:13-15, 6:2-5, Lev 24:10-16   God's Name

  Lift up the name of Jesus. Ex 3:13-15. The name I am. Ex 6:2-5. The LORD. (When written in capitals refers to Yahweh). Lev 24:10-16. Why is judgment so severe for those who mis-use God's name? The name is the person; the name is important. God's names are part of the revelation of Himself. Ex 34:5-7. This is God's nature. Gen 21:23 calling on the name of the Lord is worship, to forget His name is to abandon Him. Our Yorkshire Farm, 5yr old Clem squals OMG. People who don't believe in God use the phrase. 1 Sam 12:22 for the sake of His name. Jews revere the name. Yahweh. 6,800 times in OT. I am whoI am, I will be, I was. Rev 4:8. is, was, is to come. God will be who the people need Him to be, healer, saviour... NT the name of Jesus. Mt 18, Jn in my name. Acts teaching the name, for the name. Acts 2 all who call on the name. In Jesus name walk, be healed, come out. Romans, call and be saved. the name is everything we know about a person. Moses asks the name so he can tell people who God is. Speaking over children their name. Ps 22 declare your name. last supper the name. the name is the active presence of a person. Ezk. ps for your names sake. Hallowed be your name. The Lord's prayer order is important. Num 6, teaching on prayer, put my name on this. At Antioch, called Christians. Be baptised in name. Honour, bear, lift up name of Jesus. KCF declaring the name of Jesus in centre of Glenrothes. To affect the town, declare His name to affect the powers and principalities. Clear the atmosphere and the ground. the importance of

8/8 Paul Younger Ps 139:8-16   Life & Death

  A recent sporting event in Tokyo. 2020? The most important sporting event in the world? Life and death are much more important than any earthly event. Mankind has always had an interest in where we came from and where we are going. From cradle to grave is not the full extent of our existence. David realises this. v13. God is active in this; much more than a simple biological process. There is no particular time when the tissue becomes a being. All our days are known to God from before the beginning. He knows our biographies before we are born. He cares for us all our days. Skip to the last chapter. For us this is not the end. v8 sheol, Hades, hell. Heavens. Not clear to Jews. David's faith knew he would continue beyond the grave. Jesus explains Jn 14:1-3 and makes the unknown clear. It is easy to understand. A 5 star hotel does not compare to where we are going. The room is prepared for us. God is involved in our lives from before the cradle to beyond the grave.

1/8 Jeff Miller Jn 3:16   Love

  Jesus loves us so much He went to the cross for us, Jn 3:16. He wants us healed and He wants us whole. Jn 4, the woman at the well. A shameful past, yet Jesus sits with her. He knows all about us but stays beside us. He was pleased that she told the truth. He told her what she really needed - unconditional love. Jesus sees the whole picture. He was pleased when Peter stepped out of the boat, Mt 14:29. He was doing it until he looked at the waves. God never withholds, or holds back His love for us. Like the lover and beloved in Song of Songs, He is calling to us to come to Him. We are the apple of His eye. Jesus restored Peter after he denied Him, although Peter was not able to love Jesus as much in return, he was still invited to minister and serve (feed His sheep). Isaiah prophecies how the Messiah would show how much He loves us. Isa 52:14, 53:4-6, great pain, suffering and injustice. The more of our heart we give Him, the more He will pour into us, Rom 5:5. In God's love we can love others more.


25/7 Richard Hobson Jer 29:11   God's Plans

  Jer 29:11 is a familiar verse and often used to encourage those who are struggling. This morning we are asking, "What are God's plans?". There have been 18 months of uncertainty. Recent events have taken everyone by surprise, but not God! It's been pitiful to see the politicians stumbling around trying to make plans. The Bible warns us against making our plans. Jas 4:13-16 warns against presumtious planning; we don't even know what tomorrow brings! We don't know what the future holds. God wills the future. Prov 19:21 "Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails". Challenges and set-backs will come, but these things are so that we will look to our creator. His plans stand. Isa 14:24. God's thoughts become reality, His purpose is fulfilled. God always has a plan, but we don't always know what it is. Lam 2:9 tells of a time of testing when there was no prophetic revelation. We should be concerned with what God has revealed, not what He hasn't. We have plenty to do, without needing to know everything God is going to do. We stress over making the wrong choices, but we can only act on what we know. We only need to consider what He has revealed.
  God has PLANS. They are His plans: for welfare, future, hope... These plans do not exempt us from evil or hardship. Joseph was in a close family, but his brothers became jealous. It was not Joseph's plan, but God's plan. Got meant it for good; it was a magnificent plan (to save many). Jesus mission: an unexpected divine plan that seemed like it would overwhelm Him. He suffered the greatest injustice. Peter, in Acts 2:23 confidently speaks of the definite plan of God that allowed Jesus to be killed by lawless men. Matthew testifies that many things happened to fulfil what was prophesied (e.g. Mt 13:14). Wherever we find ourselves, how do we find God's peace? We must let go of our own plans, even if they are selfless. We have limited foresight to make good plans. In difficult situations, what do we do? If God hasn't told us the plan, we can still hold on to the purpose.
  Deut 29:29 confirms that God's ways are revelead to us by the law (commandments). Jesus teaches that the two greatest commandments are to love God with all you have and to love your neighbour as yourself. We do know what to do. God promises His plans to us: they're full of hope. God's love was shown in actions. Our response is to worship Him in every circumstance. Joseph's actions showed he loved God in every situation and loved his brothers. Joseph's conduct in hard places earned him his high positions. He loved his master and all those in authority over him. No one has loved more than Jesus. We can trust him in everything. Jer v 10 - 14. 70 years were to pass before the people returned from exile. God's plan was (and still is) to redeem all His people. Our future and peace and prosperity are also in God's plans. We are elect exiles. This earth is not our home. Where we are going, there is no evil. Jude 24 confirms we will be presented blameless. Eph 1:11-14 we have an inheritance, according to His will and purpose, sealed with Holy Spirit. God will not fail. His glory depends on bringing home all His people. Even if there is confusion all around us right now, all the parts of God's purpose will eventually fall into place.

18/7 Iain Sutherland Jn 13:31-35   Behaving as Church

  As lockdown lifts we realise that people have forgotten how to behave. There is a lack of courtesy in supermarkets, general social etiquette and driving procedures. There is a lack of consideration at public events. How do we behave as church? There are 59 "one another" phrases in the Bible. The disciples grew up with and lived all their lives with 10 commandments. What Jesus is saying here indicates a big shift from what they knew. He gives them an extra commandment. Any parent will get joy from children playing well together. What pleases the Father is seeing His children playing together. Jesus has given this incredible new commandment and all the "one another's" so that we live as family. The Four Loves (C S Lewis) speaks of four categories of love. Storgie, Philadelphia, Eros and Agape (sacrificial, unconditional love). Washing a person's feet is the lowest task. Jesus gave up his status to serve the disciples. Agape is Divine love. When we do this we are not giving so that we can receive. Sacrifice sounds as though it demands too much from us. Are we willing to be inconvenienced for others? This is a command not a request. How will people know we follow Jesus? We are a family. Rom 12:5,13,18. Jesus is not asking us to do what he hasn't; He has shown us. This is not about uniformity across the church, God loves diversity. Jn 15:8, this love must flow out into how we treat others. A gentle reply turns away anger. Pray for other churches. Be Kingdom minded not denomination minded.

11/7 Michael Palmer Matthew 4:1-11   Come Into The Wilderness.

  Jesus' temptation mirrors the period that the people of Israel spent in the wilderness. Where they struggled and failed, Jesus overcomes. He was there with God. The wilderness is a place of intimacy with God. God calls us and leads us there. He meets us there. God led His people to Mt Sinai where they remined for 2 yrs. It was a place of training and preparation. A place of covenant. Fasting is a prayer activity, a place of intimacy with the Father. Holy Spirit was with Jesus the whole time. Moses spent 40 days up the mountain in the presence of God. Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness. We are called there by God. It's a place of revelation: the revealing of the commandments. Moses received them from God and then taught them to the people. Jesus first task after His time there was to teach the people on the Mt of Olives. He passed on what he heard from God. It's a place of preparation, where they learn how to function. 2 yrs to get them ready for the promised land. Learning to fight against their enemies. Our promised land is the world. We go in power of HS. This is a place of purification of the people from the idolatry and culture of Egypt. Ex 32:4 shows they were slaves to the ways of the Egyptians as well as the people of Egypt when they formed the Golden calf. They were now taking time to learn God's standards of purity, holiness, cleanliness and morality. The old ways lead to death. Death is bad. We need to learn freedom from worldliness. God's ways are not our ways. A place of sifting the holy from the unholy. Numbers 13 gives the account of the spies. The faithful were from the unfaithful. God calling the church into wilderness to sift out the half-hearted. It's the only way to overcome the giants. A place of temptation. Where Israel failed Jesus succeeded. Manna was a picture of God's word. Jesus trusted God's word. Not by food ALONE. The temple was in full view of all people, He didn't need to create a spectacle. Deut 6 :16. The people grumbled against God. Jesus trusted the Father. Israel gave in to idolatry many times. Sexual immorality was a big part of idolatry. In this place we learn to overcome temptation not give in to it. Mk Jesus instantly casts out many demons. The church is being called to intimacy. To prepare for the future, for Kingdom work. Learn to be dependent on God.
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4/7 Paul Younger Rom 7:14-25   Gotta Serve Somebody - the Myth of Fingerprints

  Today is a day of celebration for those in North America. This is to be considered in context with lines from songs by Bob Dylan (Gotta serve somebody) & Paul Simon (All around the world or the myth of fingerprints) and Paul's advice to the Romans. Thomas Jefferson wanted to include in the declaration of independence strong criticism of George 3rd because he was very cruel. This was excluded, but the slavery Jefferson condemned continued in America for many years. We are all sinners. America became free from Great Britain, but they were still slaves to sin. The battle with sin is a titanic struggle. We are all familiar with the conflict of knowing what's right and not doing it. Whatever anyone else is doing is no excuse. There are thousands of big and little choices. Sin is ugly. Col 3:5 urges us to put to death the earthly nature. Rid yourself from anger, rage, malice... Paul didn't say, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”, but he certainly supports the view. There is a danger that we become too focused on the struggle. Paul knew the answer to this dilemma. As soon as he asks the question “Who will rescue me? v25, he recognises the answer is God. Dylan sings, “It may be the devil or it may be the Lord, but you gonna' have to serve somebody”. We can voluntarily accept the mastery of God. It's a big choice to choose your master. Thomas the disciple makes a great expression of faith, “My Lord and my God” Jn 20:28. Jesus is his master and is Lord over him. 2 Tim 2:21 Paul encourages disciples to be useful to the master. The master (despotes Gk) has it within their power to do what they want when they want and their power was unlimited. There were good and bad despots. By accepting God, we are more free than those who are independent. Mt 11:29.30 Jesus' yoke is easy. The Son sets you free indeed Jn 8:36. We are a very long way from being independent, we depend on God. Our efforts will never win, for the wages of sin are death Rom 6:23. Freedom is better than independence. Choose Jesus.


27/6 Jeff Miller Gen 1:1-4   Light of the World

  This week scientists are talking about the Cosmic Dawn.
Today Jeff shares about the light of the world illuminating and empowering our lives.
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20/6 Harry Sprange Eph 4:11-16   Living Stones

Our God is a Good, Good, Father. His Church is called to be living and vibrant.
Please take time to study all the verses referenced.
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13/6 Iain Sutherland Mt 3:13-17   Trinity

  Trinity Sunday follows Pentecost. Iain shows how the sacrificial love demonstrated by the community of the Godhead can inspire us.
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6/6 Michael Palmer Jn 13:33,34   "One Anothering"

  Michael shares the meaning and the many forms of 'ministry' through the "one another" passages in the Bible.
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30/5 Andrea Mill Jn 10:10 (TPT), Rom 8:5-6 (NIV)   Life by the Spirit

  The Spirit released at Pentecost lives with us. Andrea's illustrated guide invites us to live with more of Holy Spirit in our daily lives.
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23/5 (Pentecost) Hugh Henderson Mk 1:9-14   The Baptism of Jesus

  On the day we celebrate the 'birth' of the Church by the power of Holy Spirit, Hugh brings the teaching of Holy Spirit who is present in the creation and in the new creation. We can find power in Holy Spirit.
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16/5 Richard Hobson 1Thess. 2:17 – 2Thess 3:16   Established in Faith

  "I am often told that the trouble with believers in God is just that: they are believers. That is, they are people of faith. Science is far superior because it doesn't require faith. It sounds great. The problem is it could not be more wrong." — Prof John Lennox.
Richard looks at Paul's teaching on how to build up our faith to bring in the Kingdom.
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9/5 Paul Younger Jn 3:16, Philemon:1-25   Little & Large

  Paul's perspective this morning, reflecting on the tiny and huge things around us, considers the vast love of God and challenges us to pass it on.
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2/5 Jeff Miller 1 Cor 13 (TPT)   Jesus' Love

  Jeff shares a glimpse of Jesus' love through scripture and examples. He concludes with a word for healing and a powerful blessing for all who read the message.
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25/4 Harry Sprange Ps 91   Victory Over Death

  Harry leads us in a review of Jesus' victory over death and inspires us to live the way God wants everyone to live. Please take time to look up each verse & passage.
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19/4 Iain Sutherland Lk 24:13-35, Acts 1:4   Cave, Table, Road

  Be encouraged and challenged as Iain shows "People of the Way" the steps forward in the days ahead.
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11/4 Paul Younger Jn 20:19-31   Believing Thomas

  One week after Easter, Thomas met Jesus face to face. It was a tough week for him and we constantly remind him of it.
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4/4 Michael Palmer 1 Cor 15:1-17   Jesus' Resurrection and Ascension in the Atonement.

  Happy Easter everyone. Christ is Risen! Michael's video message was given on Palm Sunday but is totally focused on the events of Easter Day and beyond. Be blessed as he shares what Jesus has achieved for us all and good news of the gospel we can share with others.
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28/3 Jeff Millar Luke 4:16-21   Humility the Key

  On Palm Sunday (10th of Nisan), Jesus received a king's welcome as he entered Jerusalem. He conducted himself with total humility as befits a true King. Jeff's notes help us to understand the key of humility to being in God's will and purposes.
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21/3 Harry Sprange Luke 19:41-44   The Man For Others

  As we have seen from our house group studies, there is a lot of significance in some of the little details in the the events around 'Holy Week'. Harry highlights another one and challenges us to make sure our understanding and our response honour the truth.
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14/3 Richard Hobson Acts 6:1-15   Being a Good Witness (Stephen)

  Not all of us will die as martyrs, as a direct result and consequence of our faithful witness. But all of us are called to be faithful witnesses when the opportunity arises. Richard helps us to learn from the example of Stephen's life.
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7/3 Iain Sutherland Jn 10:7-14, Ps 23   The Gate & The Shepherd

  There is rest and blessing this morning as Iain's video message follows on from Thursday's study about Jesus teaching (Mt 22:32 & Ex 3:14-17).
To view this message tap/click ⇒ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r9S3Y2NJjtMWAPTTCoo8M-DIzaK6myvi/view?usp=sharing (or copy address to your search bar)


28/2 Andrea Mill Jas 4:1-17   Surrender our Will

  Join Andrea for "a reflection about our will and the impact it has on our thoughts, feelings, behaviour and relationships with God and other people."
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21/2 Hugh Henderson Mk 1:1-8   The News

  The News is not the news: the gospel is the news. Join Hugh for an update on the work of Mission International and a study of Jesus activity in tough times. (The picture freezes part way through, but the sound is OK)
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14/2 Michael Palmer Mt 6:5-13   The Lord's Prayer

  Prayer is fundamental in our communication with God. Michael's message to Inverkeithing Baptist last month will also help us to develop and enhance our ability in this even if we have been doing it for many years. To follow the passage you will need to look it up before launching the video.
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7/2 Diane & Andy West Isa 30:20   Truth & Glory

  Join Andy West to discover more about truth and glory and how they can positively impact our lives.
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31/1 Jeff Miller Jn 2:1-11   Water to Wine

  Such a lot to learn from a short passage and lots of encouragement to get close with God. Written preaching doesn't get more enthusiastic than this.
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24/1 Paul Younger Ps 51   Confession, Contrition, Cleansing.

  In these days there are still many accounts of how mighty men and women have fallen. Paul leads us to God's Word to show how fallen people can be raised up to fulfill their purpose in God.
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17/1 Harry Sprange Mt 1:20-25, Jn 1:14, Ex 34:5-8   God Is With Us

  There are things we know and things we don't know. Dig deeper into the Word this morning to (re)discover as Harry leads us to things we need to know. Remember to take time to look up each verse & passage.
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10/1 No message today, sorry.

3/1 Iain Sutherland Jer 6:16, Jn 14:6   Tourists & Pilgrims

  Watch and listen as Iain guides us to the path that "takes us to the place that God wants us to be."
To view this message click/tap ⇒ https://drive.google.com/file/d/15IngNdf5WewaCag_uONXaUhxWicZBBwe/view?usp=sharing


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